XO C96A Smartphone Car Holder
XO C96A is a universal magnetic mount for a dashboard in a car. Its small dimensions fit perfectly into any space. The set includes metal stickers.
6,00 KM
XO C41 Smartphone Car Holder
The XO C41 is a car stand that allows the device to be conveniently located within the drivers sight and hands. Its ease of use allows you to use the phone more safely.
6,00 KM
XO C55B Smartphone Car Holder
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Smartphone Car Holder, Aluminium Alloy - Silicone, Multi Angle Solid Rotation, Color Silver
7,00 KM
ACME MH09 selfie stick monopod
Wired selfie stick, 3.5 mm cable, Compatibility: IOS 5.0, Android 4.2 or above, Stainless steel, 124 g, Fits: phones from 58 to 75 mm, length 18.5 - 75 cm. Attention Make sure your phone volume button can take pictures or your camera app can be set to take picture with volume button.
10,00 KM
XO C33 Magnetic Smartphone Car Holder
Total Protected Protection, Shockproof and Dirt Resistant, Modern And Stylish Premium Designs, Premium Grip on Case, Perfectly Fit to shape
11,00 KM
XO Bluetooth Tripod/Selfiestick SS09
Connectivity: Wireless Bluetooth, Bluetooth range: 10m, Supported system: Android, iOS, Total length: 68 cm, Folded length: 18.6 cm, Shutter button, Built-in battery, Rotating head, Phone holder width: 65 - 88 mm, Weight: 111 g
15,00 KM
Logitech 7.5W Smartphone Wireless Charging Holder
Charging Output: iPhone - up to 7.5W, Other Qi-compatible smartphones - 5W, Stand orientation: Portrait and landscape Guided placement with U-shaped charging cradle Compact footprint to fit anywhere around the house, Overheat protection with Internal heat regulating sensors, No noisy fans, Stable design with no-slip material, Integrated charging cable with TPU (Length: 1,5m)
15,00 KM
XO C98B Smartphone Car Holder
XO C98B is a universal magnetic mount for a dashboard or windshield in a car. Its small dimensions fit perfectly into any space. The set includes metal stickers.
16,00 KM
XO C106 Smartphone Car Holder
Car Magnetic Mount, Material: ABS, silicone, magnet; Below 6.7inch phones, Dashboard or Windshield mount, Weight: 107g, Size: 250x43x66mm.
16,00 KM
XO Bluetooth Tripod/Selfiestick SS13
Bluetooth pairing, Product size: 52*37*196mm, Product net weight: 160g, Material: ABS+Stainless steel, Support mobile phone size: 4.2-6.7 inches, Maximum height: 106cm
18,00 KM
ACME Virtual Reality Glasses VRB01
Secure phone placing; Lenses adjustment; Comfortable wearing; Cleaning kit; Extra accessories for smaller phones, Lens type: aspheric; Lens material: acrylic; Lens Diameter: 36 mm; Field of view: 90; Focus and pupil distance: adjustable; Headband: yes; Padding: artificial leather; Augmented reality support: yes; Phone size: 46; Max phone dimensions: 163 x 83 mm, Weight: 370 g
19,00 KM
XO Bluetooth Tripod/Selfiestick SS08 with remote
Bluetooth, 680mm, Non-Slip Clim Design, Height Adjustment, Support the Tripod Firmly, Five Segment Extension, Hidden Tripod, Multiple Shooting Mods, Mini Portable, Retractable Tripod, Portrait and Landscape, Shrink Freely, Multi Scene Application
20,00 KM
XO BGD001 Smartphone Led Ring 3" Holder Black
Smartphone holder opening up to 10cm, 3 12W led lamp with control for light regulation, 4 levels of illumination for each selection of color temperature 3000K - 5000K, USB 5V 50 / 60Hz power supply, Material: aluminum + plastic
25,00 KM
XO Bluetooth Tripod/Selfiestick SS14
Bluetooth pairing, Product size: 38*32*215mm, Product net weight: 148g, Material: ABS+aluminum alloy, Support mobile phone size: 4.2-6.7 inches, Maximum height: 72cm
33,00 KM
XO Bluetooth Tripod/Selfiestick + LED Ring SS12
Tripod + selfie stick with built-in Bluetooth shutter release + light, Compatible with smartphones from 4.7 to 7 inches and GoPro, Lighting mode: white/warm/soft with dimming, Maximum height: up to 95cm, Great device holding capacity, Completely foldable, Dimensions: 214 x 168 x 66mm, Weight: 300g
39,00 KM
XO Bluetooth Tripod/Selfiestick SS15
Bluetooth pairing, Product size:75*37.5*336mm, Product net weight:424g, Material: ABS Stainless steel, Support mobile phone size: 4.2-6.7 inches, Maximum height:180cm
42,00 KM
LED Ring Lamp 18" with stand
18 Inches LED Ring Light with Stand and Phone Holder, Color: Black, Power:50W, Light Size:18",Color Temperature: 5500K, LED Quantity: 240Pcs, Brightness Control Available with High Lumen Value, Material: Plastic Aluminum, Voltage: 90-260V, Dimensions: (2.09 x 17.91)" / (5.3 x 45.5)cm (H x Dia.), Weight: 60.14oz / 1705g, max height up to 1,8m
179,00 KM